What are Tiny Houses & are they for you?

tiny housesThe rental and housing affordability crisis is affecting so many people, perhaps yourself. Many are seeking an allusive solution. Well we at Cozy Homes Tiny Houses have a solution for your unmet need .

But is it for you?

Let’s do a little investigation.

Tiny Houses come in a variety of categories. There are Tiny Houses (THS) on wheels (a trailer base-THOWs), a skid, concrete base and even in our case a pontoon. This being as a shell – a DIY TH, a budget TH, a “standard” TH through to a luxury version – fitted out to a 5 star level.

Naturally prices vary accordingly  and those considering a DIY should undertake considerable research before looking at this way as an alternative.

Some compare a TH to a caravan but we and other builders of Tiny houses believe there to be a considerable difference .Below is a quote out of New York where people face a similar crisis as those in Australia:


RVs are great if you want to travel very regularly: weekly, driving great distances on a consistent basis. However, RVs feel like a plastic and vinyl box, because that is what they’re made of. If you want to live full time and tow your home occasionally, we recommend a tiny house. If you want a space that feels like a beautiful, charming, cozy living space, we recommend a tiny home. If you are uncertain about this, we are happy to hear your goals/intended usage and advise you based on your unique situation.”

And from Denmark:

“Denmark is the happiest nation in the world and Meik puts this largely down to them living the hygge way. They focus on the small things that really matter, spend more quality time with friends and family and enjoy the good things in life. A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”

A well constructed Tiny House comes complete with all the conveniences of a conventional house fully applianced, insulated, wired, plumbed, is relocatable and often off grid powered so no escalating utility bills .

And some comments from the Grattan Institute Report No. 2018-04, March 2018

It’s been a perfect storm of rising incomes and falling interest rates, rapid migration, tax and welfare settings feeding demand, and planning rules restricting supply. As a result, house prices more than doubled in real terms over the past 20 years. The strains are most acute in Sydney and Melbourne. Since 2012, house prices have risen 50 per cent in Melbourne, and 70 per cent in Sydney. Development in middle suburbs has increased in recent years, especially in Sydney. But today’s record level of housing construction is the bare minimum needed to meet record levels of population growth driven by rapid migration. Meanwhile a decade of accumulated shortages are forcing younger people to set up their own homes later in life.

You are not alone battling the affordability crisis as this report out of California illustrates :


Sonoma County, California, like many other highly coveted communities around the country and abroad, is suffering from a housing crisis. Residents that have called it home for their whole lives are being driven out, unable to afford the exorbitant and growing costs of housing. This dynamic is not unique to Sonoma county and many other cities and counties and other countries are similarly struggling to find a balance between growth/progress and price increases so high that people  can no longer afford to live there.


Tiny Homes are small, portable dwellings that are built on a frame, usually  a trailer of varying length. Opening up many possibilities for placement of additional rooms or dwellings on your block, CozyHomes Tiny Homes have been designed to maximise the efficient use of space without breaking the bank.

Often tiny homes feature an ensuite bathroom, workable kitchen featuring gas oven and hotplates, sink and fridge freezer along with a workbench and dining nook. In most instances the living room and bedroom share the same well designed and adaptable space featuring very innovative multi purpose furnishings .

The outstanding feature in the CozyHomes design is the attached deck and veranda roof giving occupants additional living space for easy entertaining or just a perfect space for the barby and herb garden.

Still not sure? Come spend some time in a tiny house for vacation! See if it works for you. CozyHomes based on a picturesque rain forested farmstay acreage property is where you can spend a weekend in a TH and its only 30mins from Noosa .

We have detailed below a collection of Tiny House designs from Australian and overseas builders purely to illustrate a sample of the diversity of Tiny House designs

Family Tiny Homes