We value imagination, taking risks and giving back. We believe in breaking the rules. That there should be no speed limit to how fast we go and how much we give. We believe in love – that to do great work you must love what you do. Our craft is our pride, our product is our joy and giving back is our profit. We’d love the opportunity to partner with you and make your dream living space a reality. 

We provide YOUR unique and creative solution

Whether personal, commercial, business, artistic in nature or your dream living space.
There’s nothing WE can’t accomplish, especially together.

From tiny to large scale grand design, there are no limits.

Why choose us?

Cozy Homes are able to do completely customized Tiny Houses and container living. We design, including furnishings, from industrial chic, to mid century modern and everything in between as well as wire for 240 volt and 12 volt for complete off grid living . Cozy Homes possess the potential to turn your vision into reality.