Why Build or Buy Tiny Homes?

The responses below are those appearing in USA Tiny House magazines  but seemingly would have a parallel to Australian viewpoints

Well, primarily, because of the affordability, the independence it offers, financial security, the ability to take it with you if you move or rent it out for a lifetime income.

But just

”why did you decide to buy your tiny homes on wheels?” 

10 reasons to go Tiny

  1. FREEDOM.  Simpler lifestyle, frees up your leisure time and   your finances; allows you to make the decision of where you want to live, different places at different times of the year.
  2. MORE DISPOSABLE INCOME.  With fewer bills to pay and little or no mortgage, you’ll have money to spend on other things and go places you’d like to go.
  3. SMALLER ENERGY BILLS. Tiny Homes equate to tinier bills; the mobility allows you to utilize shade in summer, sun in winter.
  4. LESS TO CLEAN. What used to take several hours to clean can be accomplished in much less time and there is less to maintain and/or repair.
  5. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Less use of energy, resources and building materials.
  6. DOWNSIZING. There is no room to accumulate items that aren’t necessary, and you’ll be less inclined to spend money on items you don’t need.
  7. HEALTH. Having a smaller indoor space encourages outdoor living.  With less storage for food, living tiny encourages the purchase of fresh foods on a regular basis resulting in less waste.
  8. FAMILY, FRIENDS & SENSE OF COMMUNITY. A sense of closeness prevails in less square footage, plus you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends.  Since your belongings have been minimized, you may be inclined to borrow infrequent- ly used items from neighbors and friends.
  9. VERSATILITY. There are so many uses for a tiny home: primary residence, weekend getaway, hunting or fishing cabin, student housing, guest housing or a hospitality suite at sporting events.
  10. LEVEL OF HAPPINESS. By reducing your cost of living and your stress level, there is a positive impact on your overall level of happiness.  Larger homes and more possessions don’t necessarily make you happier.